Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiger Mask

When I was little, I was so exciting to watch a TV Manga (cartoon) Tiger Mask.
Tiger Mask = Naoto Date grew up in an orphanage.
He becomes a pro wrestler.
He beets many of evil enemies one after another.
And He donates the compensations from fights for an orphanage every time.
A day, he dies because he is hit by a car for save a boy in 1971.

However, Naoto Date appeared in real world now.

No-no. He did not appeared but he sent a lot of gift for orphanages.

Tiger Mask Donors Strike Again (click here).

The Soul of Justice is inherited.

And latest news says, "Joe Yabuki donated 2 back packs and 2 paints sets". (I could not find English news).

Joe is a boxer in another Manga, "Ashitano-Joe". (click here)


I will do like that thing someday.

Yes, someday...

By the way, Japanese back pack for elementary school is called "Randocell".

Almost all of first grade kids go to elementary school with these NEW back packs unless they really have some reason...

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