Friday, December 3, 2010


I accidentally found a little bit old news.

No Angels Singer Nadja Benaissa Found Guilty in HIV Trial (click here to link).

She was sentenced 2 years suspended prison with 300 hours community service. Possible 10 years behind bars.


It is so difficult.

She is a carrier, and she was charged with aggravated assault.


If she was not carrier, she was not charged.
Nothing happened.


HIV is not infected in normal sexual activity in general.
Of course not 100% sure.

Especially it is really low possibility infect woman to man.

The boyfriend was unlucky?

Or other boyfriends were lucky?

Anyway two of them are living with HIV virus their left of lives.

I wish their virus do not break out to Aids in their whole lives.

B-T-W, I don't really like her eyebrows.

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