Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Meal


Take responsibility for your job.
Take responsibility for your behavior.
Take responsibility for your KIDS. (click here)

I feel that McDonald's has been abusing by irresponsibility people.
Because McDonald's is big company and has big money.

I like this review, "Local Casino's are giving out toy foam footballs to people who watch Monday night football at their sports books. Does that mean that are marketing gambling to children?"

Hahahahaヾ(▽⌒*)hahaha o(__)ノ彡_☆bangbangbang!!

Bastard parents cannot spend enough money for their kids.

They don't want to cook for their kids.

They go to McDonald's, because inexpensive.

Kids want "Happy Meal (because toy)," but they cannot control their kids' request with yelling because never have thought about discipline.

They don't want (cannot) to pay high medical bill for their kids, if their kids got sick.

Yeah!! Sue McDonald's!! They are rich!

Idiot irresponsible people.

They call that "Sue Happy Meal"?

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