Friday, December 17, 2010

Dr. Sobakawa Pillow

People were talking about that Blake Edwards passed away.

I googled and I got that who he is.

But it is not big deal for me.

Have you heard "Sobakawa Pillow"?

An acupuncturist Dr. Kazu Watanabe invented it. (click here to see link)

Actually, most people have been using it since 8th century in Japan, but he introduced it at first time in U.S. about 14 years ago.

I received the notice of his death today.

He left us December 11th 2010.

I don't know the reason, yet.

He was very nice man. He answered my questions willingly all the time.

May his soul rest in peace.

Dr. Kazu Watanabe


  1. I can 100 percent guarantee you that he did not want you to take over his patients. It was never his intention to close his business in 2009. I don't believe he ever told you that. I worked with Dr. Watanabe for over 5 years and was with him up until the moment that he passed away. If you knew anything about him at all you would know that this incorrect information would greatly anger him. Please show some respect instead of trying to capitalize on the death of a great man. No one, especially you, could ever even come close to replacing him. I suggest you remove this post immediately. It was written in incredible poor taste.

  2. > Mr/Ms Anonymous. I usually do not check comments (maybe once in several months), but I did few hours ago. I do not think I am great as him. I respect him. And I apologize that made you feeling bad. I wanted to reply to you, but couldn't. Maybe because my PC or because you are Anonymous. This comment goes to public so I don't write much. I hope I can talk or even e-mail with you sometime. And I hope you find this message. Terra

  3. Kazu was my longest and dearest pal.I knew him when he had nothing, but the determination to make something of his self.We were new neighbers, then life long pals.He was one of the hardest working men I have evere known.He and his wife Toshiko dererved more, bless them.I drove her to the LAX airport more than once so she could go to Japan for her cancer treatments. It broke Kazu's heart when she passed, as it did mine. At least they got to go to Canada on tour. They really liked this trip.Not a day goes by that I don't think about them and miss them.God only knows how tight with a buck Kazu was, but he was also very kind and sharing.If you needed transportation he was known to lend out his Acura. I still have the copy of key to that car. As for the Sobakowa pillow. His was taken of advantage of and still is.His new pillow that he worked on for years was had only just filmed an info. I have eight custom HAND MADE made proto types that he gave a gifts.Great.This Xmas I drove out to LA from from Virginia and I took three of his pillows with me in the car. His house on Hillandale sometimes looked like a sweat shop.When I moved Back to Virginia in the early fall of 2009 we went out for one last meal and a movie. Then I got in my truck to start my long drive east. He stood there in front of his house until I was out of sight. He called every day along the way to check on me.I lived in Los Angeles for more than three decades.There are lot of wonderful memories, but the best by far are of Toshiko and Kazu.I have not been the same I received the letter that he had passed.But then it not would have been the same if I had never met him.Thank you Kazu.Thank you for being like sencond father, a second brother, for the many kindnesses to many to count... and allowing me to witness through my eyes a truely great human being.But most of all thank for giving me the truely wonderful honor of your friendship.Miss you.No one will ever replace you. No one else in acupunture can ever replace you. Terra Hirayuki included. Thank you "anonymous" You maybe don't remember me but I remember meeting at kazu's office. He always spoke of you highly.How important you were to the successful day to day operation of his office. Thank you for being so kind as to stand up for him. I Have copies of portraits of him and his wife. If you would be so kind as to get in touch with me I would be glad to send them to you. Rey Parker care of: or (757)419-1075

  4. I just learned of Kazu Watanbe's passing today when a card I sent him over the past holiday season was returned to me marked "deceased." I wanted to remark upon what an amazing human being and an extraordinary practitioner he was. He absolutely changed my life with his treatments and influence. I was treated by Kazu for a number of years when I lived in LA; several years after I left the city I decided to return to school to study acupuncture. I asked Kazu what he thought of the idea, and he was so kind, so supportive and encouraging. He absolutely changed my life and opened up my world. I will always hold him in my heart with gratitude and admiration. I have been a certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine since 12/2006 and I credit him with a healing process that grew into a fulfilling career change. His spirit lives on in all who were touched by him. Love to you always Doctor! Colleen Ragan, Rapid City, SD