Thursday, February 18, 2010

Traffic Lights

This is a set of Traffic Lights in U.S. as you know.

Green light is at bottom, Red is at top and Yellow is in the middle.
It is vertical set usually.

This is another set, but in Japan.

The color order is same.

However most Traffic Light in Japan are horizontal row.

Red is at right side.
Green is at left.
Of course yellow is in the middle.

I have not seen the Traffic Light with horizontal row in this country since I came here in 1996.

I may have seen, but I could not remember any of those.

But finally...

You may know where these are.

The order is Red, Yellow and Green from left side, which is opposite order of Japanese's.

Because cars go on left lanes in Japan, so the order of Traffic Lights are opposite too.
Red is located closer to middle of a load.

I was expecting that but finally I confirmed it.

By the way, Terra = Acupuncturist = Primary Care Practitioner.
I handle car accident cases too.
I treat whiplash or other injuries from traumas.

However best thing is avoid to be involved to accidents.
Drive safe!

Especially if you see this kind of Traffic Lights. (^^)V

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