Friday, February 12, 2010

Pathogenic Factors

Ancient Asian people thought 6 pathogenic factors exist in this world.

Those are Wind, Fire, Summer Heat, Dampness, Dryness and Cold.

Many people complain headache, joint pain, muscle pain in rainy days.
Those are made by Dampness attacks your body.

Dampness interferes your energy flow (Qi movement) and/or blood flow.

Western science considers atmospheric pressure is the cause of above problems.
Atmospheric pressure is high in sunny days and it is low in rainy days usually.

Most people feel comfortable sleeping with a blanket top on your body.
It is a little extra pressure for you.

People who have lower back problem lap a wide belt (supporter) on their waist.
It is an extra pressure too.

Many people feel sick in high altitude such as top of mountain.
There is lower pressure than most area in LA.

Now you know. High pressure is comfortable and low pressure is uncomfortable (very different to blood pressure).

If you have any of above problems in cold rain day, you may better soak your body into the hot bath end of the day.
It worms up your body and give you a little extra pressure.

old Chinese book mentions that acute urinary discomfort, acute vaginal discharge, acute skin disease with vesicles or papules, acute digestive upsets occur by dampness, too.

If you have these problems, hot bath maybe not enough for you.
Please let me know, acupuncture works them.

Please drive special carefully in the rain.

And you better not ride bike.
It is so dangerous.

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