Saturday, February 6, 2010


I attended Continuing Education at January 31st.

My association reported, there is an idea that all acupuncturist get the title "First Practices Doctor".
They said, All acupuncturist must have 800 hours additional classes.
Many acupuncturist already have 30, 40 years practice experience though.

They also said, "some acupuncture associations are pushing this bill".

I may understand what the associations think about, because many people in U.S. are misunderstanding a thing.

Acupuncturists must be LAc (licensed acupuncturist) by passing state board exam in California.
And I have a title "MSOM" that is Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, which people who graduated Samra University can receive.
Acupuncturists from other school have MAOM (Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), MOM (Master of Oriental Medicine) and so on.

A problem is that many people in U.S. believe "Doctors do Medical Practice".
It is NO. or yes in some cases.

The correct is "Physicians do Medical Practice".

So the associations may think that we get the title "Doctor" is easier than tell the fact all people in U.S.

In Japan, most of surgeons, especially in ER are "Bachelors".
And of course they are Physicians.
I have heard surgeons are called "Mister" in U.K.

One of the teachers in my college named Dr. Hurd who is a Doctor of Music.

He doesn't do any Medical Practice. (^0^)

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