Monday, February 7, 2011

Still Believe Global Warming?

I think I have posted about "global warming gas" before. (Maybe not).

CO2 is only about 0.07% of greenhouse emission gas.

Why should we squeeze exhaustion of CO2?

The scientists say "if we continuously exhaust greenhouse emission gas, the earth temperature increase 3 degree Celsius (about 5.4 degree Fahrenheit) in 100 years.

If we make 0 (zero) CO2 exhaustion (you should stop your breathing), still increase 2.9979 degree Celsius (about 5.3962 degree Fahrenheit) in 100 years.

It is not much different, but it will be huge different in industry and economy.

And I found a magazine that is interesting.
Do you still believe in Global Warming?

Discover link (click here)

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