Sunday, February 13, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

Are you ready?

St. Valentine's Day... (click here to Wikipedia)

You may send some gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or family.
The gift maybe flowers, chocolates, cookies or nice dinner with card.

In Japan, we have a unique custom.

Girls send chocolate for boys for declaration of love. ♥

In old age,
people considered it is naughty that girls tell love for boys.

However only one day in an year, girls are allowed to do it by giving chocolate.
It is the St. Valentine's Day.

This custom became popular in 70s.

There is 5 stories who started it.

1936 Kobe Morozoff,
1958 Merry Chocolate,
1960 Morinaga,
1965 Isetan,
1968 Sonny Plaza.

These are not sure, but each of them says, "Yes, we started it!"

That was a commercial strategy anyway.

By the way,

I love chocolate.

If you want to try Japanese style "Valentine's Day," please let me know.

Even without "declaration of love," any chocolates are welcome. ψ(`∇´)ψ

Best Japanese Chocolate "Maboroshi" (phantom)
1,500 Yen (about $18.00)

My Best Favorite Chocolate (including price),
"Kinokono-Yama" (Mushroom Mountain)
About $2.50 in Japanese Market in CA

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