Friday, February 4, 2011

Soybean Scattering

In this season, many people ask me, "Japanese calendar is same as Chinese's?"

The answer is "NO".

Japan used to use "The Yin Calendar" until December 2nd 1872.

And next day that supposed to be December 3rd became January 1st 1873 by Gregorian Calendar (Yang Calendar) as U.S.

This Yin Calendar is called Chinese calendar in U.S.

This Yin Calendar corresponds to moon's movement.

A new moon to next new moon is called one month.

So Japanese still count "one moon, two moons..." for "one month, two months..."

And Japanese say "1st moon, 2nd moon, 3rd moon..." for "January, February, March...".

We Japanese usually do not celebrate old new yeaer (Chinese new year).

But we have an event that called "Mame-maki (Bean Scattering Festival)" at one day before first day of spring (February 3rd in this year).

People scatter dry soybeans with yelling, "Goblins Out! Fortune In!" to drive out evil and bring in good luck.
ONI the goblin, Often one of the man teacher wear a mask like this in kindergartens or pre-schools.

After scattering beans, people pick up beans and eat the same number as their age for good health.

However I always ate way more number of beans than my age.

That is why I am so healthy now?

By The Way

My favorite ONI goblin, LUM
from a Manga "Urusei-Yatsura"

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