Monday, November 15, 2010


I wrote about mercury 2 post ago.

At this time, I talk about some other "Toxins"".

In past several years or decade, I have heard the word "Detox" often.
I don't really know what the people are calling "toxin" for.

I have seen some people soak their feet in sea salt water with electric poles, and then the water color turn to dark.
Magnesium, natrium (=sodium) and some more elements move to negative pole (because they are easy to lose electrons).
Sulfur, phosphorus, etc. move to positive pole (opposite reason of above).
Iron, copper and zinc appear often, too.

These were not come from their body, came from sea salt.
However, body oil from their feet also maybe one of the elements for turning water color dark.

By the way, the zinc is one of the toxic minerals for your body.
That is contained in gasoline, hair color, pottery, paint, and old water pipe...
The symptoms are anemia, anxiety, dizziness, pain in bone and muscle, headache...

Arsenic is another toxic mineral.
Contained in pesticide, vermicide...
The symptoms are fatigue, burning pain in hands and feet, gastrointestinal dysfunction.

I don't think you should shut out 100% of those, but hope those away from you as much as possible.

I am planning that I will mention to other toxin in sometime later.

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