Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One of my cousin is a patisserie.

He has had some awards in Japan and France.

He made a very high quality chocolate in several years ago.

That is named "Maboroshi" meaning "Phantom".

That is sized little bit smaller than a ping-pong ball.

And the price is 1,200 Japanese Yen + tax.

In U.S. dollar, it is $15 in recent late.

Yes, I thought, "What a expensive!" as you thought.

But I accidentally found this article today. (click here)

$250 a piece?!

Oh My Buddha!
Who .... Where .... How .... and ....

For your health, be careful for over eating of chocolate.

Do you want to over eat these chocolates?

I like "KitKat" by the way... (^^)v

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