Sunday, May 6, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist & Super Moon!

That was very nice day, yesterday.

Summer has come!

That was very nice riding day!

By the way,
did you see the super moon?
I often say,
I am proud of my acupuncture practices,
but I am NOT proud of my camera skill.

the moon orbits around the earth, as you know.
The moon's orbital is not perfect circle.
It is the ellipse.
I don't think you still believe this☟
The super moon is the full moon occurs at nearest point to the earth (perigee of the moon).

In this situation, the moon gravity effects to human body.
It makes human beings excite.
Did you see a lot of crazy driver last night?
It is maybe one of the phenomenon, but maybe just usual 405.

That car was red XTERRA?
05/05/2012, Greece

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