Monday, April 23, 2012

A Volleyball from Japan to U.S.

It is a volleyball.

There are many message such as, "you were great player, I hope you play well in middle school too, I am missing you".

This ball was found in Alaska.


This ball was flowed from Iwate Japan, right next to Fukushima, March 11th 2011 by tsunami.

The man and wife who found this ball are David and Yumi Baxter.
They found a soccer ball too.

Shiori is the owner of the volleyball.

Misaki is the owner of the soccer ball.

Shiori is 19 years old.
She gave up to go to university last year because the tsunami destroyed her town.
She is now a station attendant.

I wish she can go to university and study in some day.


That may be something for her,

as I went to university in U.S.

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