Sunday, January 24, 2010

After Rain

Finally... updated blog.. No, I mean, yes. But I wanna say...

Finally Sun came out.

It was so cold by "Radiative Cooling".
However, way better than rain.

I did in and out the parking structures 6 times on Friday, for out calls and my office, because rain.

My bike worked a lot on Saturday, under the SUN.
Everything was going smooth, as much as I miss lunch break.

This rain has being A week, I let you know in case you are out of LA.
I didn't expect this much rain in So-Cal, before I moved in.


Some people complained Headache yesterday (Saturday).

Especially migraine headache occur rainy days often.
Because atmospheric pressure decrease in bad whether days usually.
The atmospheric pressure is high in sunny days, which you feel comfortable.
High pressure is comfortable for human being, which you remember when you are in hot bath or jacuzzi.

However even in high pressure, "immediate change" gives bad effect for human body.
So you may get headache.
BUT do NOT take pain killer pills.
Most of those give the effects for your body worse than atmospheric pressure.
Just keep warm yourself. It will be gone soon.

By the way...
Jacuzzi was made by the Jacuzzi brothers in California in 1968.
Did you know?

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