Monday, November 23, 2009


Long-term Effects of a Very Low-Carbohydrate Diet and a Low-Fat Diet on Mood and Cognitive Function

Too much is too much.

Human body does not require any molecular of carbohydrate.
Human being can live without carbohydrate.
But it is in the biochemistry world.
You can live with bad mood, but it maybe not good life.

Carbohydrates are burned so quick.
So athletes are taking a lot of carbohydrate (of course also a lot of protein, vitamin, calcium and so on...).
If you use calories more than intake, you never gain weight.

Anyway, most interesting part for me was:

"By 1 year, the overall mean (SE) weight loss was 13.7 (1.8) kg, with no significant difference between groups".
I am a big rice eater, but I lost weight about 22lbs in this 13 years.
Although I didn't want to.

Who shed rumor of wrong health science in beginning?
Is your diet really O.k.?

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