Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A monk told in a TV show, "A baby is born with crying and surrounding people are happy. A person dies while surrounding people are crying, and the person is happy".

In the Buddhism, the life is a training stage. So he said, "babies cry and people die in happy".

I understand this idea.
Because human beings cannot find why we live, so their answer is 'another world (after death) is main stage and this world is training stage'.

Of course, I don't know the right answer of it either.

However most people want to live long (it is sure).

Please ask me, I may help you. And I proud of my ability of acupuncture .

(Ikkyu-san: famous monk animation)

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  1. I am not a buddhist but I agree the concept of
    this life is a temporary one and we all came to
    this world to get a training,learn and better

    Unfortunately, some people never learn.
    Then, he/she has to come back to earth again
    in different life situation for another chance
    to learn. (reincarnation)