Saturday, August 8, 2009


"Japanese police issued an arrest warrant for missing actress Noriko Sakai for drug possession..."

She was known as purity (innocence) character.

She also played a publicity movie of the judge that ordinal people participate (like a juror; this system was just started in Japan).
Of course, the government (Supreme Court) made the movie.

We are disappointed.

I honestly, understand top artists or people in unusual situation want drug.
However, it is an illegal. That means terribly bad for your body. I believe you know it.

Cigarettes are legal. Huge pick up trucks are legal. Guns are legal. Dioxins are still legal. Birth control pills that induce breast cancers are legal, too. But those are not!

If you feel "want some drugs" by depression, anxiety, irritability or something else, please tell me. Please tell an acupuncturist close to you.

I believe I can help you.
I believe without drug is happier life than theirs.

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