Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer has come!

Over the last couple of weeks, many people have told me, “Terra, there is something wrong with my neck, I cannot turn it”. They said it occurs when they wake up in the morning, and ask that with the expression, “what’s wrong with me”. However, those words sound to me like, “again?!”.

My studies have shown many people tell me the same thing with in a few hours. It is getting warm these days, but still cold in the morning, especially around 5-6AM. Room temperature is still warm when people go to bed, causing the muscles to be relaxed. Early morning the room temperatures drop, causing the muscles must be contracted to keep body temperature. When people are asleep, it is difficult for the muscles to contract ‘just enough’ as voluntarily. Muscles will then be contracted too much around their neck, where is not covered by a blanket.

I recommend for people to wear warm pajamas to bed for cold early mornings. This little thing prevents you to pay a lot of money for doctors or painkiller (which harm your liver and/or kidney. That chemical is hundreds times worse than chemical of cigarette).

Of course, in some cases, the symptoms come from mental or physical stress. Thus, stiff necks are not coming from only the stress with TAX due dates.

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