Thursday, April 9, 2009

I couldn't wait Google

I was waiting for "Google search" to find my blog to post my 2nd topic. And finally they found it. Because my friend at "Get Connected World" linked my blog. Thank you GCW.

However, Google cannot find me again today, Why?!

O.K., I still believe someone read my blog and is waiting for my 2nd topic.

So now I post "the 2nd topic".

It is, "the 2nd half of the promotion, which I posted last time" (I just forgot to post them).
"First Acupuncture Treatment is Free, Follow Up Treatments are 50% off". That was the post.

Terra uses needles, moxa and some oriental herbs. All of these just help spontaneous cure or vis medcatrix naturae (VMN), which people have by nature (the human body has miraculous power). I do not use any strong poison that MDs give you. So in most of cases, you better receive ongoing treatment.

Many people asked me, "how many treatments do I need?" Honestly, I cannot answer that question until I diagnose you. Please ask about getting a "Free diagnosis".

Free First Treatment until May 29th '09
50% Off Follo-Ups
until August 31st '09

Next topic will be medically related ... maybe.
See you soon.

Why font cannot be stay same as last post???

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