Monday, June 28, 2010



Yes. Twilight Saga...

I attended the pre-premier party.

Make-up corner sponsored by "Hard Candy".

These are real candies sponsored by .... I didn't check their name, but their candy bags say, "I have A sweeT tooth".

Many of Vampire brand candies were there.

And Sushi. Sponsored by Koi restaurant.

Cocktail corner sponsored by O.N.E. A girl took my picture when I took their picture. Haha.

There are many of Werewolves and some Vampires. <-- Click here to see nice professional photos.

By my camera, Werewolves and girls.

A werewolf Boo Boo was interviewed.

And me... as always.

Usually I am not in a picture with actors, but this time... accidentally..


Anyway, I can't wait to see "The Twilight Saga: eclipse".

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